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Website... Check!

For the most part, the website is complete. All the pages have been populated with pictures and information regarding The Mission and all necessary support mechanisms are rapidly falling into place. "Gofundme" is set up so as to allow secure online giving and support, be it one time donations or monthly support. The Westport Church's Eldership is standing ready to aide and assist churches and individuals that will support The Mission the old fashion way, by mail.

I have sent a message out this evening to one stateside church that was in need of a minister and informed them to withdraw my name from consideration because the Lord has laid a burden on my heart regarding this work. I have decided and I am committed to yielding the rest of my preaching and teaching life to training preachers in places where no training is available and to planting churches in as many places as the Lord and time will allow.

As of today I have exactly three months left to ready Annie for sailing the 400-700 mile trip to Carrabelle, Florida. 400 miles if I take the canals across the state and through Lake Okeechobee (which will require many hours of motoring), or 700 miles if I sail through the Keys and then up the west coast of Florida (which will take an additional 3 or 4 days depending on the winds).

The list of things to do just to get to Carrabelle is growing rapidly.

There is a chance my son may be able to make the trip with me which would be wonderful. I love spending time with him and though we differ on many things, we have developed a close friendship that I have come to cherish. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Once in Carrabelle, I will be closer to many friends and churches that will likely support The Mission. I will also be closer to family for local support, visitation, dog-sitting, and enjoying a few months of family before I leave them for my 2000 mile journey and mission work.

There's still a lot of boat work to accomplish before the Carrabelle trip and then even more before the Saint Lucia shove, (short for "shoving off"). My work is cut out for me. All boat work will be detailed on Annie's blog page, though I may detail some of her outfitting on this blog as well.

There's a million things to do… but as to the Website… CHECK!

God bless.


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