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"This God is our God forever and ever; he will lead us for all time to come."  Psalms 48:14  

David graduated Harding School of Biblical Studies in 1985 and sat at the feet of such teachers and preachers as Jimmy Allen, Avon Malone, Neale Pryor, L.V. Pfeifer, Joe Jones, Paul Pollard, Eddy Cloer, and many more.

He has preached for Restoration Churches from Florida to California. Presently, he is the Lead Minister for the First Christian Church of Margate in Margate, Florida.

He has authored 10 books including The Interwoven Gospel, which is all four Gospels woven into one chronological story of the Life of Christ using only the words of the Gospels. He has also written the book, "Getting God" which deals extensively with the character of God.

He is the founder of CrossWay Missions.


His passion is the Cross of Christ, the Character of God, and Undenominational Christianity.




Jeff Gardner graduated Harding University's Christian Communications Program in 1984. He has learned at the feet of such men as Jimmy Allen, Avon Malone, Jerry Jones, and many others.

He has devoted his life to Christ and emphasizes a dynamic and personal relationship with Jesus as the means by which men and women can live successful Christian lives. He believes that Unity in Christ is a fundamental preeminent doctrine which has been neglected for far too long and must be restored by all disciples of Jesus Christ.


He often says, "My quest is to discover what Jesus would do."

Being a long time preacher of the Cross, Jeff brings years of dedication and commitment to CrossWay Missions.

He has written a book called, The Heart of Unity and is available for free download by clicking on this link.


Vice President

Bill Moody is a graduate of Atlanta Christian College in 1974 and has been preaching the Gospel of Christ ever since.


Bill also worked with Standard Publishing Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio for 8 years. He has served churches in Decatur, Illinois, and four churches in Georgia for 25 years. After retirement, Bill returned to Ohio as Chaplain of Canton Christian Home for two years and has been doing fill-in preaching for area churches here in Northeastern Ohio. 


Bill has always had a heart for Missions and he has been a supporter and director of CrossWay Missions ever since its beginning. As a director of the  Board, he continues to lend his experience, knowledge, and direction to CrossWay Missions.


CrossWay Missions is thankful for Bill's dedication to the spreading of the Gospel of Christ and welcomes Bill to this mission work.




Kevin Cahow is an Elder for the First Christian Church of Margate.


He has been associated with CrossWay Missions since Hurricane Doreen hit Marsh Harbour in 2019. He was instrumental in raising over $4000 to help the Marsh Harbour Church rebuild after the catastrophic category five hurricane.


He has been a faithful Christian in the Lord's church for most of his life and has a great desire to support mission work to spread the Good News of Christ.


He has been instrumental in providing transportation to our mission efforts in Monrovia, Liberia, as well as guidance regarding the multiple mission efforts of CrossWay Missions.


CrossWay Missions welcomes Kevin to the Board and is fortunate to have his wisdom and direction to help direct the efforts of CrossWay Missions.




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