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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I hope you all are staying safe and staying faithful to the Lord. There are so many of you that I have come to know and love over the years and I often think of you and pray for you. I pray God is keeping you safe during these difficult and trying times. I also pray that your faith in the Lord has only grown stronger amid the craziness of the world.

I also want to update you on several things that CrossWay Missions has been involved in and still working on:

First, the Marsh Harbour church is continuing to rebuild and despite lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are making tremendous strides. The main building is completely repaired and the church has resumed assemblies on Sundays. The contractors are now moving to repair the fellowship hall which suffered extreme damage with the loss of 90 percent of its roof. Thank you for your support of the Marsh Harbour church and please continue to pray for its complete restoration.

Second, Good News Radio is still broadcasting the Gospel 24/7… as a matter of fact, the station is fast approaching 1,000,000 minutes of sermons listened to from 201 countries, providences, and territories, (that’s pretty much ALL of them). The app has been temporarily discontinued due to server and distribution issues, but most listeners are plugged in through, Shoutcast, Live Online Radio, RadioGuide.FM, and many other online and App directories. The good news is The Good News is reaching the world as a result of our continuous broadcast.

Third, the move to Margate was successful. The church is re-assembling as of May 3rd and has averaged approximately 20-27 in weekly worship. Before the Covid-19 lockdowns, the church was up to 55-60 per week. Many are still staying home, especially since Florida’s caseload has increased in the last couple of weeks since re-opening began. BUT… the Gospel of Christ is still as powerful as it ever was, in the last four weeks we have had two individuals place membership with FCCM and I was privileged to baptize a new believer this past Sunday. So, God is blessing us with growth amid this pandemic.

Also, many members of the Margate church are from Jamaica and CrossWay Missions will be exploring the possibilities of adding the Jamaican church as one of our outreach efforts.

Forth, there's been a change of address… If you are a supporter of CrossWay Missions, please send you checks to the new address. CrossWay Missions address is now:

CrossWay Missions

1107 NW 66th Ave

Margate, FL 33063

Finally, let me encourage you to stay safe, keep on social distancing, and wear a mask. Actually, wearing a mask protects others from the virus if you are carrying it unknowingly, (most people who have the virus are asymptomatic). Wearing a mask is an application of the Golden Rule.

Also, don’t return evil for evil. There are so many angry people in this country and they think that retaliation and revenge will accomplish their purposes… it will not. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Wrong is wrong, regardless of the reason. Prejudice and racism are wrong, but burning down businesses, churches, and harming others only intensifies the issues, it never solves them.

FINAL UPDATE… God is bigger than all the troubles in the world and HE IS STILL IN CHARGE… Follow Him!


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