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The Westport Mission... God and Flat Tires!

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

One of the most amazing things about mission work, stateside or abroad, is watching God work in the lives of those who are willing to hear and heed His word.

Last night, two individuals - mother and daughter - after having studied with me and others, confessed their faith in Christ and were baptized for the remission of their sins. Their journey in seeking God and His will began years ago and through a series of what most people would label "coincidences" they have now come to a knowledge of simple First Century Christianity, the Cross of Christ, and have obeyed the Gospel.

As to those "coincidences"... five years ago, when I moved to Stuart, Florida to work with the First Christian Church, I was moving an RV from Lake Okeechobee to Stuart and after three flat tires within the short 40 mile transport I was forced to park in front of Teresa's place of employment. While waiting on a spare tire to be delivered, we talked for about 15 minutes and I invited her to church. We became friends on Facebook and though at the time she didn't respond to my invitation to visit First Christian, we continued to stay in touch through that social media. Little did I know - prior to our meeting - she had prayed that God would lead her to find truth. In the last few months, we began to discuss the Scriptures and study the Bible together and she started to attend Westport Christian. When she started to visit Westport she did not come alone. She invited all her family to listen to sermons online and attend Westport to hear about simple undenominational Christianity. Many in her family began to come and hear the Word of God and as a result, her daughter Michelle also decided to obey the Gospel last night.

God is still working and sometimes... He takes five years and uses three flat tires to accomplish His will.


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