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Progress, Productivity, and Romans 8:28...

If I am understanding the VA process correctly, it appears I need three approvals from the VA to get a knee replacement: A VA Doctor, VA Physical Therapy, and VA Orthopedics. The VA doctor has given his nod and scheduled the other two necessary appointments.

On July 9th, I will see the VA Physical Therapist and hopefully glean his/her approval, (considering I have bone on bone, osteoarthritis, and foreign objects floating around in my knee, it shouldn't be too hard).

On July 10th, I will drive to West Palm Beach and visit with David Caskey and his beautiful wife Dinah for two or three days. They are both huge proponents of both the Marsh Harbour work and Restoration Radio. In fact, David was on the ground floor of that mission outreach and was chiefly instrumental in securing the property and the construction of the Marsh Harbour church building.  I'm sure their insights, advice, and direction will be beneficial to me and the numerous outreach efforts I am engaged in.

On or about July 13th or 14th, I will fly back to Marsh Harbour to resume preaching and teaching there for a short time. As a church, we will also discuss the future of the work in Marsh Harbour and how we can best accomplish God's will in that community.

On or about the 23rd or 24th of July, I will fly back to West Palm Beach and meet with a missionary who is working a mission in Haiti. I am hopeful he will join hands with CrossWay Missions (a 501(c)(3) corporation I have founded to better accomplish multiple mission efforts), and become another "Boots on the ground" outreach of CrossWay Missions.

I also have an appointment to meet with a young woman I have been studying the Bible with online for the last three months and as per her request, baptize her into Christ. 

I hope to also meet with the Elders of the Westport Church in Port Saint Lucie to garner their counsel, direction, and advice.

Then, toward the end of the month, I will return to Tallahassee for an appointment on August 7th with the VA Orthopedic Department in Lake City, Florida for what I hope is the final approval in the knee replacement approval process.

In the meantime, prior to my departure for West Palm Beach, with the help of many board members, I will finish up the formation of CrossWay Missions and we will have our first board of directors meeting. The Board consists of five preachers, one elder, and three faithful servants of Christ. I am excited by their enthusiasm, their vision, and their commitment to preaching the cross of Christ to the world. I am convinced that CrossWay Missions will become the vehicle through which many mission efforts (both mine and others), will find their fulfillment and success with God's help. It will also outlive me once I have retired and hopefully be used by God for many decades to come.

It is so exciting to see the many doors God is opening and how He is using this waiting period to accomplish so much work in His kingdom. When the knee problem first arose, I could not for the life of me see how God would use this handicap in anyway that was good. The great Apostle Paul along with the faith and help of others, has reproved me:

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 NASV 

God has caused this knee problem to work together for good and expand the mission work I began into something bigger than a lone missionary. 

To those of you who have faithfully supported my mission to Marsh Harbour and now, CrossWay Missions with its numerous efforts to reach the world with the message of the Cross... thank you and may God bless you with His richest blessings.

I have attached a brief intro video concerning CrossWay Missions and its purpose. 

Please continue to pray for these efforts to reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ.


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