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Preparing for the Storm...


Her name is IRMA and she may be visiting Marsh Harbour very soon. Because of her possible visit, the leisure and laid back atmosphere that usually dominates the island has all but disappeared.

The largest supermarket on the island was so crowded today that there were no parking places left and people were lined up down the aisles at the checkout stands. As I walked the aisles I glanced in the grocery carts of some of the hundreds that were there, I noticed mainly water, canned goods, and dry foods. From what I understand, when major storms hit Abaco, the power can be out for two or three weeks.

I decided I should buy a little more than my original trip called for... just to be safe.

As I drove back to the church building, I noticed people preparing their businesses and homes... plywood for boarding up windows, gas stations busy, loose lawn items being put away, etc.. The place was abuzz.

I could not help but wonder, "How many here are not ready for the storms of life?" Not ready because they do not know The One who is greater than the storms of life.

It is inevitable that the storms of life will come... very few lives are free of storms. I believe it was Marvin Phillips who said, "You are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or heading into a storm." Simple. Conclusive. True.

How can anyone face the storms of life without God?

As I type this, I just heard on the Weather Channel, there are already three reported deaths from Irma. Regretfully but most likely, that number will grow. For many, Irma will be their last storm. They will step out of this temporary time-limited life into eternity. The question is, "Are they prepared?" Are they ready to leave this world and meet The One who inhabits eternity? Many and sadly, most are not, Matthew 7:13,14.

Most are so preoccupied with this life and the things of this world, they fail to prepare for the next life and the world to come. The storms of life will come. Your last storm will come. Will you be prepared?

There's a storm coming.

Be prepared.

Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by.  Psalms 57:1

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