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Moving Into A New Phase...

When preparing for this mission, I planned three distinct phases. Though all these activities cross-over from time to time, (the survey trip and some one-time/monthly support raised), they are still the three legs of a three legged stool needed to get to Saint Lucia.

Phase One: Boat Preparation.​​

One of the things that will make this mission less of an economic strain is to sail my Westsail 32 to Saint Lucia and live aboard at a local marina. I have been living aboard Annie for the last two years and I am completely adapted to life on a small boat so there will be no culture shock there. I can live aboard in Saint Lucia for considerably less than renting an apartment or house. Phase one was preparing Annie to safely make the 2000 mile sail. That phase, for the most part, is complete, (though I still have some odds and ends to do). I had originally calculated six months and I am now just hitting the six month mark.

Phase Two: Raising Support & Teaming Up.

Though I have had many individuals and churches already contribute to Mission Saint Lucia, I have still yet to reach my needed monthly support. One time gifts and monthly support are two different things. I am so grateful to the individuals and churches who have contributed on a one time basis, thank you so much for joining the mission. Monthly support however, is an absolute necessity to make Mission Saint Lucia work for the two to four years it will take to establish and mature the local church. Phase two is about reaching the needed support mark and teaming up with another missionary. 

I will be traveling to Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and possibly other states to meet with a number of churches, elderships, and individuals who are interested in Mission Saint Lucia. So, Phase Two will officially begin February 1st and run through March.

Phase Three: Final Things.

April and May will be the final phase of mission preparation... it will end in a Bon Voyage party here in Carrabelle, FL on or about May 30ish, (probably the weekend before the June 1st launch date). I hope all of you will plan to come to the Bon Voyage party and see me off to Saint Lucia.

During those last two months, all final preparations will be made. Plans, supplies, logistics, gathering and shipping supplies to Saint Lucia, and probably a thousand last minute things, will all be accomplished in those final eight weeks.

So, Mission Saint Lucia is on course, and for the most part, on time. Please continue to pray for this mission, that God will clear our way and His will be done in all things!

God bless you!


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