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Goodwill Tour... Check ✔

Well, my Goodwill Tour is finished. It took me from Port Saint Lucie, Florida to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and every mile of it.

I was able to teach and preach almost every week of the tour and if you know me at all, you know I love to preach and teach. I was able to meet with many individuals who support my mission efforts and thank them personally for their faithfulness to the preaching of the Gospel. The tour also provided me the opportunity to thank a number of churches who support my mission work and collaborate the future of my missions efforts.

I also enjoyed spending time with my children and my grandchildren whom I have not seen for well over a year. As far as the grandchildren are concerned, though many may disagree mistakenly, mine are the MOST beautiful grandchildren in the world. Also, while visiting family, I was able to attend my first professional baseball game and spend my daughter's birthday with her.

Of course, the gorilla sitting in my room for the last month is the knee replacement I am now desperately in need of. I am now working (waiting) with the Veteran's Administration to secure the approvals necessary to receive the surgery. The process is slow and often frustrating; phone systems do not work as they should and it is difficult to contact individuals who are key in the approval process. When leaving recorded messages as often directed by the VA automated phone system, calls are never returned. I guess I should expect such from a government agency, but it appears everything is exaggerated when it comes to the Tallahassee VA. Please pray for this need specifically that God might cut through some of this red tape to accomplish this medical need.

I thank God that the knee has been better lately, but it still locks up frequently. I can now get around without my cane, but I always keep my "stick" near by in case the knee goes out as it often does.

As to the my mission efforts, I have met with the mission committee of the Capital City Christian Church and as per their advice and with their assistance, I am forming a 501(c)(3) corporation called, CrossWay Missions. In essence, this will be the umbrella under which Mission Marsh Harbour, the world wide radio missions, and possibly, an outreach in Haiti will be nested. I'll publish more about this as it continues to develop and is officially in place.

I wish I was able to visit all of you who have taken part in my mission outreach efforts. For those whom I was unable to see, please know how special you are. Just the fact that you are concerned about reaching the world with the Gospel says volumes about your dedication to Christ and His Kingdom and to the lost. Thank you. I pray God's riches blessings on you.

Here is a link to the last sermon I preached at the Capital City Church.


Stills from the Goodwill Tour...


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