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Annie is Back in the Water...

After 319 days out of the water, Annie has finally re-splashed.

Let me share with you what was accomplished in those 319 days:

  • The V-Berth was lowered and reworked

  • The old unused holding tank and all hoses were removed

  • The bottom hull was painted 

  • An AM/FM radio was installed

  • The hull's topside was painted 

  • Inside handholds were installed

  • A bulkhead compass was purchased/installed

  • The V-Berth Hatch was re-bedded, (it was leaking)

  • Unnecessary thru-hulls from the holding tanks were removed and hull repaired

  • A boot stripe was painted at the waterline

  • All chain plates were replaced

  • All standing rigging was inspected and replaced as needed

  • The cap-rails were repaired and painted

  • The aft lazarette was reworked to locate the house bank of batteries

  • Two (2) additional 125 amp hour AGM batteries were installed

  • Two additional 100 watt solar panels were installed

  • An 85 watt wind generator was installed

  • A 2000 watt modified sine wave inverter was installed

  • The companionway hatch cover was completely reworked, (leaking)

  • A broken water filter bracket was replaced

  • The manual whale gusher bilge pump was repaired

  • New stainless steel cotter pins replaced in all rigging

  • New lines were installed to the Monitor Windvane

  • The prop was sealed and painted

  • A dynaplate was installed

  • A redundant bilge pump system was designed and installed

  • All whisker stays were adjusted/tightened

  • The bowsprit was sanded and varnished

  • A belaying rack and pins was designed, built, and installed 

  • Double hatch locks were installed on the companionway

  • A depth finder/chart plotter was installed

Now, that may not seem like a lot, but when you splice in 120 mile per day drives in summer 2016, trips to San Francisco, Kentucky, South Florida, and Georgia, a hurricane, two tropical storms, and a survey trip to Saint Lucia... I guess you can decide.

As of this posting, we will launch in 45 days!

There are a still a thousand things to do, (hyperbole), but Lord willing, they will all find their completion in the next six weeks.

Please continue to pray for the mission and its success in bringing many souls to the Lord.

God bless you!


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