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Traveling, Preaching & Teaching

The next two or three weeks will be a flurry of flights, driving, teaching, preaching, visiting, old friends and new family.

Thanks to my son's graciousness and frequent flyer miles, "I'm leaving on a jet plane." This Friday I will fly to California to visit my son and his family, as well as meet my new and only granddaughter, Ellie. I will enjoy spending time with, not only Ellie, but my three grandsons and my beautiful daughter-in-law. I'll also get to see my beautiful daughter and her son on the same visit. Considering the busyness of life and the distance involved, this may be the last time I see my children and their families before leaving for the field in less than a year... hopefully not, (we might squeeze in one more visit).

Immediately after returning to Tallahassee, one day later, I will drive to central Georgia and I will preach a revival for five days. Of course, that's no problem... if you know me, you know I love to preach and teach. I will also enjoy seeing many old friends, making new friends, and eating some of the best cookin' in the South.

During and immediately after the Revival, I will have the opportunity to meet with a number of churches and a former missionary to Jamaica. Hopefully, the churches will get involved with the mission to Saint Lucia and I am sure I will glean a wealth of valuable information from my missionary friend.


When I return in two or three weeks, Annie will ​​be waiting for me to get her back in the water. She will get a new coat of bottom paint, topside paint, sacrificial zincs, and splash! Once she is back in the water, I will be able to move back aboard and finish her remaining projects while she rocks gently in her slip in Carrabelle.

Life is busy... preaching, teaching, visiting, meeting, learning, and splashing around in the water... it's all part of the plan.

In less than a year, (Lord willing), Annie and I will set sail on a 2000 mile trip and once we arrive, there will be... preaching, teaching, visiting, meeting, learning, and splashing around in the water. Perfect.

God bless you.


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