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The Westport Mission... Baptism

God is already blessing the Westport Church with new faces and a new spiritual birth.

This past Sunday after morning worship our missionary from Haiti, after having studied with a young man named Tomas for weeks, baptized that young man into Christ. We rejoice with the angels of heaven having witnessed this individual being born again.

Tomas is from the Czech Republic and is already considering returning there someday as a possible missionary. God is STILL working! We look forward to working with Tomas and helping him grow in Christ.

There are numerous visitors coming to worship every Sunday and at least three more individuals studying with intentions of obeying the gospel soon. It is so encouraging to see a church start coming to life as God moves in the lives of her members and in the lives of those who are searching for truth.

Please continue to remember The Westport Mission as we strive to do God's will.


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