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The 90 Day Barrier... BUSTED!

As of this morning, I have less than 90 days before leaving for Saint Lucia. The 90 day barrier has officially been busted! 

Am I nervous you ask... of course... NOT! 

90 days to complete the boat (14 items remaining), raise the balance of monthly support I need to live on while in Saint Lucia, recruit a partner missionary, recruit a crew (one experienced sailor), sell my car, transport my office (office computer, books, study sources, syllabi, 150 copies of The Story, evangelism material, etc. etc.) to Port Saint Lucie, Florida to be shipped to Saint Lucia once I have secured facilities for the church plant, get a physical, visit the dentist, provision the boat for two people for a 35 day sail, organize the Bon Voyage party and send out invitations, visit and present the mission to as many churches that will allow me to come and speak, write and mail over 100 information packets for Mission Saint Lucia to 100 nearby Christian Churches, secure a life raft (don't forget about being a Supply Sponsor), and then, gather all paperwork for Saint Lucia's Ministry of Social Transformation including the following:

  • Background information for Christian Churches (I'll just enclose a copy of the New Testament).

  • Declaration of Beliefs (I'll just enclose a copy of the Bible).

  • Evidence of my ability to support myself. (Hmmm... not there yet).

  • My Curriculum Vitae.

  • Medical Report from a certified Physician bearing official stamp of the Physician.

  • Place of residence in Saint Lucia (Boat).

Am I nervous you ask... of course... NOT!  Pressed for time... YOU BET!

Really, honestly... I am not stressed. I know that God will do His part if I will do mine.  

Paul told the church in Philippi, 

" God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19.

I KNOW that God will come through with everything I need to do this mission... He has already done so much. 

Last Sunday I was afforded the opportunity to present the Mission to Capital City Christian Church in Tallahassee, Florida (BTW, a special thanks to Capital City Christian Church for allowing me the opportunity to preach and present the mission). After the morning service, they had a potluck lunch and I was approached by a brother in Christ who asked me if I had crewed the boat yet? I told him I had not. He then revealed he was retired Navy, had his Skipper license, and had years of sailing experience and would be happy to make the 35 day passage. He'll visit the boat next week and hopefully, we will make that official.

As of yet, I have only raised about $700 per month and need another $700/$800:

  • *  The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes missionaries as "other" religious workers.

  • *  As of 2012, the average salary was $30,650 a year.

  • *  The top 10 percent of earners made more than $50,510, while the bottom 10 percent earned less than $17,610 annually.

According to this information, if I raise my remaining support, I will be right at the bottom 10 percent, and I still have an Christian obligation to continue to help my mother financially. Am I whining? No. I know that God will come through with what I need. HE will supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

To the churches and individuals who have supported the mission so far, I offer my deepest gratitude. Thank you for your financial support and spiritual support. I continue to ask for your prayers and support regarding the mission.

To those of you who are supporting the mission on a monthly basis, thank you so very much. This mission could not happen if it were not for you. God bless you!


To those who are considering supporting this mission on a monthly basis, I hope you will. Even if it's only $20 per month... with enough Christians helping, God will accomplish this vital mission. This mission is about reaching men, women, boys, and girls with the Gospel. It's about lost souls headed for an eternity separated from God. It's not about the money... it's about lost people. Just think, if you decide to support this mission, one day in heaven, someone may walk up to you and with a thick Caribbean accent and say, "Thank You Mon! I'm here because you helped send a missionary to my country... Thank you Mon!" 

Some have indicated that they may support the mission, but only once I am on site. I understand this. If you are one of those individuals, please pledge your support as soon as possible so I will know where I stand in regard to my finances and meeting my monthly expenses once I am in Saint Lucia.

Paul also said this to a church and the individuals who supported his mission,

"Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit" Philippians 4:17 ESV

It's not about the money (the gift), it's about the souls that are reached and God counts you in as a supporter of His ultimate mission, the salvation of the lost.

90 DAYS!



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