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Settling In...

For the last two weeks, I have been settling into my new temporary home in Carrabelle, Florida. Actually, I have been in Tallahassee, Florida more often than Carrabelle. At this point the Marina where Annie rests is having a problem providing power, (that is another story for the boat blog). It is in Tallahassee I have family and will find a Christian Church to worship and work with over the next year.

Annie is on the hard, (up on stands on dry land), as she will undergo a number of projects before her re-splash and her 2000 mile trip to Saint Lucia. Some of those projects will include installing double bilge pumps, rigging inspections, (adjustments, and/or replacement parts), cap-rail repair, hatch repair, cabin modifications, installation of many more safety items, the removal of unnecessary thru-hulls, topside and bottom painting, etc.

I am scheduled to preach a revival in Central Georgia from August 7th-10th. Immediately afterwards, I will visit an advisor and former preacher/missionary friend for a couple of days. He is and will be a valuable partner in planning the mission and setting up the ministry training school itself. 

I am arranging a survey trip to Saint Lucia within the next two months that will help in developing many of the aspects of the mission that are, at this point, unknown.



I am planning to visit a number of our Christian Colleges and hopefully recruit at least one other missionary to join in this work. I would prefer to have two or three missionaries join this work, but I'll wait on God's leading in regard to that hope.

Like I said, I am settling in and now beginning the process of preparing and raising support for this great work. If you are a member of a church that is looking for a worthy mission work to partner with, I would welcome the opportunity to visit and present this mission to your congregation. 

Please continue to remember this mission in your prayers.


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