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Saint Lucia Bound...

Tomorrow, I will drive to Port Saint Lucie, Florida to visit the overseeing church for Mission Saint Lucia. I will be preaching Sunday morning, September 25th, at the Westport Christian Church at 11:00 AM and I want to invite all my brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbors to visit this wonderful church. My topic for Sunday will be, "Do Something Eternal!"

On Tuesday, I will meet up with a minister/missionary friend at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and we will fly to Saint Lucia for a six day survey trip. During this trip I will accomplish a number of things necessary to better plan and organize this mission.

I will meet with the Saint Lucia Department of Labor, survey potential school/church locations, interview locals, explore medical services, transportation possibilities, and meet with local officials to determine local requirements/legalities in establishing an education based mission in Saint Lucia.

I will explore local marinas to best determine where I can anchor/dock Annie and find the place I will call home for the next few years. I plan to visit the five largest cities on the island to best decide the initial location of the school and get a feel for the culture in each city.

I will also explore expenses associated with the cost of living on the island. That information will include apartment/house rental, utilities, and most living expenses. I do this, not for myself only, but in order to adequately provide such information to a missionary partner. I am praying the Lord will lead another missionary and/or missionary family to join with me in this mission.

To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

I know that the Lord will clear all obstacles from the course of this mission and the undenominational truth of the Gospel will be soon be established and proclaimed in this land. I ask that you continue to pray for this mission and support it financially if you can.

I will post after the trip and will include as many pictures and I can take.

God bless you! 


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