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Ready and Waiting... and Wet!

Everything, for the most part, is ready. All the boat projects that HAD to be finished are complete. All major systems on Annie have been checked, checked, and rechecked. All safety measures, from GPS tracking to jacklines, tethers, and offshore life jackets, to emergency flares, PLB's (Personal Locator Beacons), and many other redundant systems...are in place. Annie is ready.

One of the safety systems aboard Annie is a Delorme InReach tracking system which uses satellite GPS location with both send and receive. The system has an SOS feature which is most important, but it also allows interested parties to track Annie during her passage. Position updates are sent via satellite every 10 minutes. If you are interested in tracking our passage, simply use this link,

We are ready and waiting... and wet! 

It appears that the weather will not be cooperating with us during the last few days before launch. 

All is well though. Boats are made to get wet and barring any tropical developments, Annie will launch on time.

The planning and preparation for this mission has been in the works for a little over a year. I have watched God bless it at every turn. Now, as I am only days away from leaving to go preach and teach the gospel of Christ to people outside the USA, it is appropriate to give thanks.

First and foremost, I want to thank God for His amazing grace and for allowing me to be a part of His scheme of redemption in bringing men and women to Christ. I still stand amazed that He would grant me the privilege to work with Him in bringing the lost to His Son. I thank God for His blessings in regard to this mission and for blessing me with the opportunity to preach the beautiful gospel of Christ!

I would also like to thank the churches that are involved in this mission: First Christian Church of Stuart, Westport Christian Church, Antioch Christian Church, Toomsboro Christian Church, and Capital City Christian Church. These churches are a blessing to the mission and to me. Thank God for your faithfulness in mission work.

Also, I want to thank my preacher friends: Dr. George Forbes, Bill Moody, Jeff Gardner, Craig Harbin, and Allen Gonzalez. I have heard that preachers are not always helpful when it comes to missions... whoever said that, didn't know you guys. You are my brothers-in-arms! I love you and thank you for your friendship and support. "Preach the Word!"

To the missing mission minded... Ms. Shirley Brown. (I sure do miss you)! Shirley Brown had to leave this world before she could see the fruition of this mission, but she was one of this mission's greatest advocates. You can read about her mission minded heart in this post. Thank you Ms. Shirley... see you when my work on earth is done.

Finally, but by no means least... to the many individuals that support the mission. From the prayer warriors, to the encouragers, to my brothers and sisters with mission minded spirits. Thank you for your mission hearts. This mission is happening because of people like you. Thank you, (mom, that includes you too... lol).

Don't forget the Bon Voyage party on Friday, June 16th - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. I would love to see you there.



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