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Provisioned, Prepped, and Perplexed...

Before I get to the post, I need to say something.

Yesterday was my last Sunday at First Christian Church of Stuart. It was bittersweet. I had to say goodbye to so many that I have grown close to over the last three years; that is always hard. Yet, I know God will bless my efforts to preach, teach, and train others in simple Bible Christianity. What amazed me most was the outpouring of support and encouragement. Members and non-members alike offered not only their financial support, but their spiritual support. So many encouraged me saying things like, "God will bless this mission" and "You will lead many to the Lord." I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. God bless each one of you as you partner with me in this effort to reach the lost in a place far from home.


That being said, Annie is provisioned.

I've estimated that the 480 mile passage to Carrabelle, Florida will take 6-10 days depending on weather. Now, when you live on a 32 ft. sailboat, (a space of 160 square feet), there is only so much room. Food comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't always cooperate with conventional boat storage cabinets... my solution, hammocks. I filled three hammocks and four shelves with food provisions for the next 6-10 days.

Annie is prepped.

With the exception of filling the diesel tanks and deck jugs, Annie is prepped and ready to go. I have checked everything twice and some things three times. Tomorrow night I will move Annie to the fuel dock after it closes and spend the night there. At 7:00 AM on Wednesday morning, I will fill her tanks and deck jugs and we should shove off by 7:30 AM. Every pad is charged. My course is charted with over 400 waypoints. Weather maps and forecasts have been studied and scrutinized. We are "Go" for casting off lines. We are "Go" for Carrabelle.

The Sailor is perplexed.

Though I have thought, rethought, and re-rethought every leg of the course, tides, weather, and many other variables, I am still a little anxious. I realize that this isn't a trip to the moon, but still, there are always concerns as to safety especially when you're single-handing. BUT... I have redundant backup systems in place when it comes to almost everything and more than that, I have a God that is bigger than any problem I might encounter. I have to remind myself of that truth often.

I also know that I have the prayers of many partitioning God's protection on my behalf. I thank you for your prayers and I ask that you continue to pray for my safe passage and the overall success of this mission work. Pray that God will be glorified as men, women, boys, and girls, come to know the salvation that is in Christ.

I must remind myself and as I do, I remind you...

"Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks." Philippians 4:6 God's Word Translation

God bless you.

P.S. This will most likely be my last post until I arrive in Carrabelle but you can follow my progress and course here...


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