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We are a little less than 5 weeks until we begin our First Annual Spring Revival here at Marsh Harbour. It's hard to believe that weeks and months have flown by so quickly since we began planning for this wonderful event. The theme is set, the speakers are booked, accommodations have been made, passports secured, plane tickets purchased, and many prayers lifted up. 

The Theme for the Spring Revival is, "Come Now, Let Us Reason Together..."


Sunday Morning - April 15th - 11:00 AM:

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together Regarding Christ

Wednesday Night - April 18th - 7:00 PM

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together Regarding The Last Day

David Fincher

David graduated from Harding School of Biblical Studies in 1985 and has sat at the feet of such great teachers and preachers as Jimmy Allen, Avon Malone, Neale Pryor, L.V. Pfeifer, Joe Jones, Paul Pollard, Eddy Cloer, and many others.

He has preached for Restoration Churches from Florida to California. Presently, he is the Minister/Missionary for the Marsh Harbour Church of Christ in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas. He preaches the Word of God with great passion and conviction with an emphasis on evidence and the eternal.



Sunday Night - April 15th - 7:00 PM

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together Regarding The Cross

Kevin Beneby

Kevin Beneby serves as one of three elders at the Highbury Park Church of Christ. He is very passionate and devoted in his service towards God. He returned from his studies at Harding University in 2016, where he completed degrees in Bible and Ministry along with a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

He is involved with evangelistic, small groups, and counseling initiatives with his congregation and the wider community. He is a family man and has been married for over twenty years to Denise Beneby. They have three sons who are committed in the service of the Lord: Kenan, Abishai, and Denereus.

Monday Night - April 16th - 7:00 PM

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together Regarding The Resurrection

Andrew Major

Brother Andrew Major has been with the Central Church of Christ since 1979.

He attended Oklahoma Christian University where he received a Bachelors in Education. He received his MSE Degree in Education Administration at Pepperdine University. He taught at Los Angeles Bible College and Harding University as well as Los Angeles  City Unified High School. He has worked in the Ministry of The Bahamas for 33 years.

He has a passion for the Lord and His church. He preaches powerfully and according to The Word of God.

Tuesday Night - April 17th - 7:00 PM 

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together Regarding Salvation

Keith Beneby

Keith Beneby is a Professional Civil Engineer employed at the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation.  He has studied at the College of the Bahamas and abroad.  Keith has worked for the Corporation for some twenty six years and currently holds the position of Senior Engineer within the Family Islands Division.

Moreover, he is an ordained Evangelist serving at the Highbury Park Church of Christ on the island of New Providence. He has been serving in this capacity for over twenty one years and calls men and women to God’s standard and to a life lived for Him. 

Keith believes that apart from God we can do nothing and life is a gift from God.  Every day brings with it an opportunity to have a restored, renewed, strengthened and fulfilling relationship with God.

Keith enjoys construction, reading, walking and observing God’s wonderful creation which confirms his awesome power.


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