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Official Launch

Today, I officially launch my mission to Saint Lucia. Actually, I will be setting up both a Restoration Church and a Minister Training School, training local men and women in Undenominational Restoration Christianity. The goal is also to set up numerous small churches during the two to four year mission and provide support for the local ministers both monetarily and spiritually. For more information. You can also email me at if you have specific questions not answered by this website.

As for all my Christian friends and family, I ask you to help in this most important mission work. We are talking about the eternal souls of men, women, boys, and girls. For those of you who do know me, you know the soundness of my teaching and preaching and you know my work ethic. Be a part of this evangelistic effort to not only preach and teach undenominational Christianity to those who would likely never hear it, but to also to train men to continue to preach and teach that simple first century Gospel for years to come. This mission will affect the lives of hundreds, likely thousands down through the years.

The average cup of coffee cost $2.70 in America. All I'm asking you to do is skip a cup every three days. That's only $27.00 per month. Skip a cup of coffee every three days and the Gospel can reach into lives that otherwise will be left undone. Please consider supporting this mission on a monthly basis by simply clicking on the "GoFundMe" link here or at the bottom of the page.

The Mission field is Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia has a population of 190,000 people and yet it only has one Restoration church of 200 members on the entire Island, (that's only about one percent of one percent). Seventy percent (70%) of the population is born into Catholicism and is ripe for the truth of New Testament Christianity.

The plan is to set up a Restoration Church as well as a Minister Training School in either Castries or Goss Islet.

Unlike most mission works, the mission itself will not be dependent on the American Missionary, but will quickly stand on the foundation of local men taught, trained, and sound in New Testament doctrine and faith.

Supporting churches and individuals will be asked to plan yearly mission trips to the island to help in evangelistic outreach, benevolence, and church plants. Supporting Ministers and Clergy will also be enlisted to spent various stints teaching various courses in the Minister Training School.

When the mission is completed, instead of one church of 200 members on an island of 190,000, there will be numerous churches of New Testament Christians planting seeds of undenominational Christianity for years and possibly generations to come.

I pray God blesses you richly.

David Fincher


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