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There are times in life when you just have to merge. Merging into a highway can be a dangerous thing if you are not careful. The same is true of missions and ministry work.

As of today RESTORATION RADIO and GOOD NEWS RADIO have merged... (actually, Good News Radio is absorbing Restoration Radio). The reason for the merger is two-fold:

  • First, maintaining two separate worldwide internet radio stations is overwhelming and demands duplicate efforts to accomplish the same thing on both stations.

  • Second, I have to cut costs. Since my return to the states, I have lost some support and this is forcing me to consolidate the two stations into one. By Good News Radio absorbing Restoration Radio, expenses such as two streaming servers, two websites, and two apps are cut to one. Since Good News Radio has a larger base of speakers it is only logical that such a merger proceed.

Though the website and the stream for Restoration Radio will continue for a little while longer, they will cease operation within a month.

As for Good News Radio, it has just come online about two weeks ago and it is BLASTING OFF! In only two weeks it has been heard by 379 listeners from 61 countries! A total of 6253 minutes of sermons have been listened to… that’s about 208 sermons. Marvin Phillips used to say, “If that doesn’t light your fire, your wood must be wet!” Considering the 19 directories I’ve submitted GNR to, it is only listed in about six at the time of this writing… (some directories take a few weeks to get the station online and listed). I can’t imagine what’s going to happen when it is listed in all 19 directories and published on iTunes (570 Million Accounts), IHeartRadio (120 Million Users), and Tune-in (75 Million Users), and Google Play Store (1 Billion Users)... those directories are the biggies and will require more effort to get into.

Bottom line; GNR is taking off and if you are a supporter of this ministry and worldwide effort, you are a part of this fantastic outreach!

CrossWay Missions & Good News Radio, with your help, are doing what Jesus said to do...

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

The GOOD NEWS RADIO App will be available within the next four weeks... stay posted... it will be on both iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Please keep this Ministry & Mission in your prayers. God bless you.


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