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It's The Small Stuff...

When I arrived at Westport Christian Church back in August one of the first things I noticed was there was lots of "Small Stuff" that needed attention. The church building had retreated behind a wall of trees, shrubs, and Florida flora and was almost obscured from sight. The Road sign was not level and had way too much information on it to be read while driving down SW Savona Boulevard and was in need of serious repair.

Thanks to a number of faithful members that were capable, we immediately addressed the building's visibility and the wall of Florida flora was trimmed back and the building once again was visible to the community.

Yesterday, we addressed the road sign. A local sign company, Sign It, was able to manufacturer a beautiful roadside sign that punctuated our now visible building. After picking up the sign, we were able to refurbish (actually - rebuild) the roadside sign and move it closer to the driveway of the church despite some objections from my newly replaced bionic knee.

Does it really matter? YES!

We only have one chance to make a good first impression and in today's society, the appearance of our property, building, and signage is part of making that good first impression. I realize that the building in and of itself is not "Holy" and God now dwells in the hearts of His people in a temple made without hands... BUT we should always strive to make the most of the things God has blessed us with and use them to His glory.

If you cannot be trusted with worldly riches, you will not be trusted with the true

riches. And if you cannot be trusted with the things that belong to someone else, you

will not be given anything of your own.

Luke 16:11-12

It's our faithfulness in the "Small Stuff" that matters.

[Thanks to John and Teresa for your help in completing this project]


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