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Immigration Issues...

When I flew back to the states in November to go to the VA regarding my hurt hip, I bought a one-way ticket; the reason - I wasn't sure how long it would take me to deal with the VA and see a doctor and didn't want to be under the pressure of a return ticket date.

After my business with the VA was completed, (ha ha... that's another bureaucratic red-tape post), I bought a one-way ticket back to Marsh Harbour. On that return, when I came through Customs & Immigration, I was given a 90 day visa. That visa expires on February 25th.

This past week I went to the immigration office to get an 90 day extension on my existing visa and was told I "should have never been allowed back in the country without an return ticket to the states." The immigration lady was not happy with Bahamas Air for making such a mistake.

Soooooo... now... I have to fly out on a one-way ticket and when I return, I must purchase a round trip ticket with a floating date on the return ticket... I don't even know how to secure such an animal. When I do return to Marsh Harbour, I will receive another 90 day visa and hopefully, the Bahamian Bureaucracy will be able to grant me a year long work permit within that 90 days.

Man! The list of stuff I have to come up with to secure a work permit is extensive... 15 items - many of which have to be walked through and handled stateside.

So, I will be stateside this next week collecting the items requested, from a CERTIFIED birth certificate (that item will require a drive to Macon, GA), to letters of references from former employers, (a couple of more road trips). 

I have to be back in Marsh Harbour by February 21st in order to fly out to Nassau on the 22nd to help two sister churches with setting up websites and I am scheduled to preach at the Central Church on the 25th there in Nassau.

Pray everything comes together... having to leave and come back every 90 days is getting old... and costly.



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