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Hmmm.... Which Way Will It Go?

It’s too soon to decide but we may have to run inland in the next few days due to a lady named "Dorain." She’s not expected to become a hurricane, but still, a strong tropical storm hitting head-on can wreak havoc on an RV. At this point, we are monitoring her development every 4-6 hours and will decide within 24 hours of her arrival. Also, please pray for the Marsh Harbour Church in Abaco as they are center of the projected path at this time as well.

The Westport Mission is pushing ahead every day… we have several teens now attending and engaging in Christian activities. We have many returning visitors and recent visitors have indicated their desire to become members of the Westport church… we will be studying the Bible with them in the next few days to determine where they are in their faith.

The Elders of the church and I went to visit Jim Book, the Senior Minister at the Kissimmee Christian Church and Jim was a shot in the arm. He offered many detailed ideas to help the church here to move forward and accomplish the work of the Lord. He was a blessing and the motivation we needed. Already, many of his recommendations have been implemented and numerous others are in the works.

After watching and listening to Jim Book’s sermons, I decided it would be an injustice to NOT put his sermons on Good News Radio. Jim was added on July 30th, and already his sermon, “Who is Jesus” has become the #1 most listened to sermon on Good News Radio. Do yourself a favor and listen to Jim’s sermons here.

We’ll post after the storm and let you know what happened. In the meantime, please pray for the mission efforts of CrossWay Missions and pray for the safety of all as this storm approaches.


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