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Getting To Work...

The 47th Annual Caribbean Lectureship is over and we're safely back at Marsh Harbour.

The lectureship was a mountaintop experience with fantastic sermons from gifted preachers from both the states and the Caribbean. The singing was phenomenal and inspiring. The prayers were heartfelt and gracious. The field reports were encouraging... it was plain to see that God is working here among the peoples of the Caribbean.

It's easy to attend a conference or lectureship and get motivated and pumped up... and then return to the small church you're working with and become discouraged for many reasons. The members are not as excited as the participants of the lectureship... the singing is not quite as inspiring... the prayers, not so gracious. All of these things can quickly and often, easily, take the wind out of your sails. How do you derail that low from happening?


That is exactly what we've done here at Marsh Harbour.

The day we returned, we rested from the 22 hour sail from Nassau.

The next day, Saturday, we got busy working on a website for the church and a Facebook page. As of this morning, with the exception of a couple of bios and a few pictures, these sites are complete, (with media from Jimmy Allen, Avon Malone, various speakers from the lectureship, and even myself).

You can reach the church's website here...

You can reach the church's Facebook page here...

Make sure you visit our Facebook page and "LIKE" it.

We are now offering FREE Bible Correspondence Courses to the people of Marsh Harbour and Abaco Island. We are also offering In-Home Bible Studies to those who request it.

We have discussed numerous ideas as to how we can accomplish the spreading of the Gospel here, from radio programs, (which we can possibly get for free), to revivals, to door-knocking campaigns, to stateside church campaigns. Nothing is off the table here. The Bahamian people are gracious, kind, and more than happy to discuss God, Christ, and the church.

It's time to get to work... that is exactly what we are going to do!

Please keep us in your prayers as we labor here at Marsh Harbour.


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