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"Forty Days & Forty Nights"

The term "forty days" and "forty days and forty nights" appears in Scripture quite often. Actually, it appears 22 times in the King James Version of the Bible.

It is first mentioned in association with the great flood which was also associated with a boat called "The Ark." The good news regarding that story is that the people in the boat survived... the bad news; it rained for forty days and forty nights. We'll skip that story for numerous and obvious reasons.

The "forty days and forty nights" that comes to my mind regarding this mission is the temptation of Christ. Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights being tempted of the devil immediately preceding the beginning of His public ministry. Why does that come to my mind regarding this mission?

Today is the "forty days and forty nights" mark, and I have no doubt that over the next forty days and forty nights, the devil will do all he can to hinder or derail this mission. I'm sure he will oppose this work from every possible direction, (I've already seen him rear his ugly head a couple of times in regard to this mission).

Now, understand, I am in no way equating myself to Jesus and the temptation He endured on that mountain. I cannot, and doubt anyone could, fully understand the temptations Jesus went through when tempted by Satan himself. The fact that I am NOT the man Jesus was is why I'm asking for the following.

To those who are interested in this mission and/or are already involved in this mission, I am asking you to pray for this mission EVERY ONE OF THOSE "forty days and forty nights." For the sake of the lost men, women, boys, and girls of Saint Lucia who will finally hear the simple truths of Undenominational Christianity, I am begging you to pray every single day for the next forty days and forty nights.

Exactly what prayers do I covet?

First and foremost, that God's will be done!

Other ideas may include but are not limited to:

  • Safe passage from Carrabelle, FL to Saint Lucia, (a 2100 mile passage).

  • Good weather, (hurricane season begins June 1st).

  • Receptive hearts, (people who will hear and heed the Word of God).

  • Opportunities to preach and teach.

  • Culture shock minimization, (almost all missionaries experience this at the beginning of a new mission work).

  • The removal of obstacles, (I'm sure the devil has a few planned).

  • Boldness, courage, and conviction, Acts 4:29-31.

These are just a few I can think of but I am in need of ALL your prayers, even the ones I haven't thought of.

Forty days and forty nights... please join with me in diligent prayer and watch as God does wonderful things for those who call upon His name!

Forty days and forty nights... STARTS NOW!


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