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A Cruiser Friendly Church...

By the end of Hurricane Season, almost all the marinas were virtually empty. The mooring fields and anchorages were practically vacated. After Hurricane Season, the holidays and New Year keep a lot of boaters stateside... but a few trickle back in. But for the most part, the tourist related boating community is somewhat skinny at this time of year.

However, today when I ventured out during a routine power outage, I noticed the boaters are coming back. I noticed many of them walking to Maxwell's, (the local grocery store), and some heading to Standard Hardware, (one of the local hardware stores), as well as  other businesses.

Right now, the weather here in Marsh Harbour is fantastic... 60's at night and 70's during the day. The water is crystal clear, the reefs are teeming with fish, and when you add in all the natural beauty of this island, how could any cruiser stay away from this amazing place?

From a mission point of view, we will see some of the returning boaters visit the church here, but not many. Regardless, that is not going to stop us from reaching out to this vast transient community. I've been told that an estimated 250,000 boats come through Marsh Harbour every year and we want to make their visit a little better.

The Marsh Harbour Church is a Cruiser Friendly Church. We offer transportation for boaters who would like to come to worship and/or Bible study.

To cruisers in the Marsh Harbour area, we will gladly come to the local marinas and pick you up 30 minutes prior to our meeting times and return you when services are over. We also want to offer transportation to and from the local marinas to various island services from grocery stores to hardware stores, etc..

Simply give us a call at 242-367-3496, or shoot us an email at, or send us an Instant Message on our Facebook Page,

We are happy to help you and make your stay at Marsh Harbour a wonderful memory... plus we love making new friends.

Sing to the LORD a new song, Sing His praise from the end of the earth! You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it You islands, and those who dwell on them. Isaiah 42:10

Our Meeting Times are as Follows:

Sunday Morning Bible Study - 10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00 AM

Sunday Evening Worship - 6:00 PM

Wednesday Evening Bible Study - 6:30 PM

Fair seas and God bless!


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