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A Bridge too Far... Too Short...

Before I get to the post, I want to thank all of those who are already supporting this mission. Many of you have donated through gofundme and others have helped with cash donations. I can't begin to thank you enough. God bless you as you help spread His message to those who otherwise might not hear it.

Lord willing, I will leave Stuart, Florida bound for Carrabelle, Florida in 29 days, 10 hours. I have charted my course.

There is a bridge between my destination and Stuart. It is not a bridge too far but rather, a bridge too short. The Port Mayaca Railroad Bridge has a 49 feet clearance. 49 feet... that's short!

I recently measured Annie's mast using a 100 foot tape. I secured the tape to my main halyard and raised the halyard to the top of the mast. From the foot of the mast to the top the mast, it measured 42 feet 6 inches. Keep in mind I must add about a foot for the trimast light and windex, (the VHF antenna is capable of flexing as we go under the bridge).

So, 42 feet 6 inches plus 1 foot equals 43 feet 6 inches. Then I have to account for the distance from the water to the base of the mast. With the help of a friend and a pole extended horizontally from the deck to the side of the boat, we measured the distance to the water... 4 feet 6 inches. Warning, math again... 43 feet 6 inches plus 4 feet 6 inches equals 48 feet. That's close. Only one foot of extra space... that makes me nervous.

I have a sailor friend who has a Westsail 32 and he was able to get under the bridge with just his VHF antenna hitting. Here's a link to a video he recorded as he passed under the bridge.

I took a drive out to the bridge to see it up close and personal. Needless to say, I will approach the bridge with great care and very, very slowly... just in case it is a bridge too short.

Please continue to pray for this mission. Pray that God will bless my efforts and will open doors of support and clear all obstacles from the mission's path.

God bless you.


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