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130 days from the moment Good News Radio went live, 12,276 unique listeners and 161 countries later, we have busted 1000 hours of sermons listened to! Our 7-day trend is up 372.24%... the 14-day trend is up 24.27%... and the 30-day trend is up 2.99%.

What does that really mean? People are listening to the Gospel of Jesus... WORLDWIDE! People are listening, learning and growing in faith because of this station and this outreach.

Just to update those who follow and support CrossWay Missions and Good News Radio, we are adding more sermons, (approximately 300) from Jim Woodruff, Avon Malone, Bob Russell, Kyle Idleman, Jeff Gardner, Francis Chan, and others. In order for the Shoutcast radio server to provide the correct information to receiving smart devices and computers worldwide, each of these sermons has to be processed individually and correctly formatted to set the Kbps baud rate, artist (preacher), and title. Some of these sermons have to be digitized from cassette tapes. This process will take approximately a month. When completed, the station will be broadcasting over 500 sermons. Our long-range goal is to have a catalog of 2000 to 3000 sermons. This will take months to achieve but it is necessary to provide a broad spectrum of truth to our worldwide audience.

Our audience is growing rapidly and soon we will have to increase our server bandwidth to accommodate our rising listenership. Please introduce Good News Radio to your church, elders, and/or mission committees. We have a mailing package with written material and a USB Jump Drive containing a media presentation regarding the work of CrossWay Missions and Good News Radio. If you would like us to mail a package to your church, please click on this link and complete the contact form... a package will be mailed out immediately. Also, I personally would welcome the opportunity to visit your church and present the work of CrossWay Missions in person.

Also, download and share the Good News Radio App with family and friends.

Mostly, pray that God will continue to bless the work of CrossWay Missions and Good News Radio and will provide the support we need to continue to reach the world with the message of the Cross.

God bless you.


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