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Quarterly Newsletters

Recently, in an effort to better inform the supporters of CrossWay Missions, I decided that I should publish a hard copy mailed quarterly newsletter. I have been updating supporters and followers of my mission work via this website's blog, email, and our Facebook page, but many people interested in this mission’s outreach do not follow on Facebook, our blog, or even have email. So, a quarterly newsletter is now in the works.

The newsletter will contain information regarding the numerous outreach efforts we are engaged in, including Good News Radio, The Westport Mission, Mission Marsh Harbour, a message from a member of the board, and potential mission trips, (A group of small churches in Tenalio, India has requested speakers and workers for a crusade there... we are looking into possibilities).

So much is happening with the multi-faceted work here, a newsletter will serve us well as a vehicle to inform followers and supporters of CrossWay Missions. SO… we need you to sign up at this link. Also, because some of those individuals who do not follow us on Facebook, receive emails, or read our blog posts, or have online access, we need you to sign THEM up.

The first newsletter will be mailed in September and will include an introduction to the Board of Directors for CrossWay Missions, A Note from a Director, Good News Radio Report, The Westport Mission Report, a Mission Marsh Harbour Report, and potential mission trips we are planning.

Please sign up for our hard copy newsletter and please continue to pray for the efforts of CrossWay Missions to carry the message of the Cross to the world.

God bless.


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