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New Departure Date & Bon Voyage Party...

Originally my departure date for Saint Lucia was June 1st, 2017. The new departure date is Saturday, June 17th, at 9:00 AM*.

The Bon Voyage Party will be held the night before, at 6:00 PM at Carrabelle Riverwalk and Whaft in Carrabelle, FL. Annie will be docked and provisioned and those who would like, may board and tour her that evening.

I would like to officially invite all our friends, family, loved ones, and fellow Christians to attend the Bon Voyage Party, as well as all who are connected to this mission in any way. Some have indicated that they would like to be present the following morning as we actually "cast off lines" and set sail for Saint Lucia. We would love to have you there as well.

If you are planning on attending the Bon Voyage Party, please RSVP email me at and let us know. I hope you can come and see us off.

God bless you.


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