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Good News Radio... Online & Worldwide!

Good News Radio is now online 24/7 and is worldwide!

The goal was to go live by 10/14/2018 and we missed it by a day. The station went live yesterday at 12:02 PM. There are still some technical difficulties being worked out but the station is streaming across the World Wide Web as I post this.

So far there are 152 hours of sermons from 16 speakers totaling 248 sermons.

With the exception of the last speaker, these preachers are some of the best the brotherhood can put forth and we are constantly adding to the speaker list and the sermon catalog.

All of the sermons that are streaming online are available on the Good News Radio website; under BIOS & MP3's.

Already, thanks to Jack Cottrell sharing the station on his Facebook page, many people have signed up for updates and information. In two days 205 unique visitors have hit the website! SO... follow Jack's example... SHARE!

Please pray for the station that it will reach many for the cause of Christ.

God bless.


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