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David Fincher

David Fincher graduated Harding School of Biblical Studies in 1985. Since then he has preached in Restoration Churches from California to Florida to the Bahamas.


He is "Old School" in his preaching philosophy believing that the message of the Christ and the Cross is means by which men, women, boys, and girls will find salvation.

He is "New School" in that he believes the message of Christ should be shouted from every mountaintop, rooftop, desktop, laptop, and any other device that connects to the internet.

He is the founder of CrossWay Missions and its missionary for The Westport Mission, Mission Marsh Harbour, as well as Good News Radio and now, liaison to Alfred Beyan and "Soul Winners for Christ in Liberia.".


Alfred & Wilhelmina Beyan

His name is Alfred Beyan and his work in Liberia is reaching hundreds per year. He and his team of fellow ministers (part-time laymen trained in Restoration church doctrines) are ministering to the small settlements, villages, and towns near Monrovia. His team is called, “Soul Winners for Christ in Liberia” which he started when he returned from Ghana where he studied Christian Ministry 9 years ago.

His team is comprised of 21 evangelists that are committed to rural and urban evangelism and church planting. Since its inception, his team has planted 15 congregations and has connected and strengthened 10 existing congregations. Most of his team’s evangelism efforts have been accompanied by constructing wells for safe drinking water and the establishment of 4 Christian education institutions (elementary and junior high), to serve the communities that they evangelize.

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